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"It's been great working with GRD - They have been so patient, and accommodating to my needs as a small business. They have provided me with my requests of finding organic, high-quality products at prices that work for my business. Grateful to be working with them!"

Pamela W.
Annette Black

"I highly recommend Global Resources Direct for extra fine almond flour. The perfect ingredient for baking Macarons and the perfect company to procure this ingredient in large or small quantities. A pleasure to work with. They've earned my business."

John M.
Esther Howard

"I purchased pure vanilla extract from Global Resources Direct. Tom’s product knowledge, attention to detail and assistance throughout the ordering process is second to none. I highly recommend Global Resources Direct and will definitely be ordering from them again in the near future."

Ryan A.
Kristin Watson

"I cashews, almonds and almond flour. The quality is outstanding for all your snacking, cooking and baking needs. Delivery was timely and the team was a pleasure to work with. Excellent customer care and product. I will definitely be working with GRD again."

Taylor S.
Annette Black

"Great experience buying from Global Resources Direct! I bought the organic coconut flour for my keto cakes. Tom was extremely professional and responsive. Will buy from them again."

Bobby M.
Esther Howard

"Global Resources Direct has proven to be a reliable company that has helped our organization tremendously. I would recommend anyone looking for quality ingredients or for consistent results to work with the team at GRD."

Nick W.
Kristin Watson

"Global Resources Direct provided the highest quality pieces of raw organic cashews. I ordered a 50lb case and it was delivered quickly to my doorstep. I was immediately able to soak them for milk, vegan cheese and cashew cream! I will definitely be ordering again."

Nikki S.
Annette Black
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