Tahitian Vanilla Beans - Grade A
Tahitian Vanilla Beans - Grade A
Tahitian Vanilla Beans - Grade A
Tahitian Vanilla Beans - Grade A

Tahitian Vanilla Beans - Grade A

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Global Resources Direct offers quality grade A Tahitian vanilla beans fresh from Indonesia. Our vanilla beans are handled with care from the moment they are picked to the moment they are processed and package.  With great taste, quality and competitive pricing, our vanilla beans are unmatched.  Tahitian vanilla beans are sold in 1/2 LBS and 1 LBS.  We offer free shipping on all vanilla bean Products.  

Additional Information 

Our Tahitian vanilla beans are one of the more popular spices enjoyed across the world. Their delicious flavor as well as their enticing aroma are enjoyed in a variety of ways. Our vanilla beans grow from a vine called the Vanilla Planifolia, which is a member of the orchid family. The vine is native to Central and South America and grows up to eight feet in length, winding its way up trees.  Vanilla beans can be used in ice creams, baked desserts, yogurts and creamy drinks.  Vanilla beans also have many healing properties and can relieve anxiety as well as support a healthy weight.

Official Product Name: Tahitian Vanilla Bean 

Grown: Papua, Indonesia  

Grade: A

Size: 14-15 cm per bean 

Beans Per Pound:  Approximately 115 beans 

Appearance: Dark brown to black, oiled

Texture: Supple/flexible

Moisture: 25% -35% or less

Fragrance & flavor: Strong full rich Vanilla aroma

Drying Method: Sun drying cover by black cloth, warm air/ natural air

Further treatment: Indoor drying in ventilated room & helped by fan, then stacked on shelves


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