Pecan Halves  - $7.49/lb - 30/lb case - Free Delivery

Pecan Halves - $7.49/lb - 30/lb case - Free Delivery

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Origin: USA or Mexico

Fancy Topper Pecans

Description: Pecans shall be firm, crisp and fairly uniform in size and color. Kernels must be fresh and well developed. Flavor is characteristic of pecans and should be free from rancid, tallowy, moldy or other objectionable odors or flavors. Pecan shall meet or exceed US #1 Grade of thee applicable US Standard for grades of shelled nut meats.

GMO and Gluten Free

Allergen Statement: Product is manufactured on equipment shared with other tree nuts in plant which also processes peanuts.

Ingredient Declaration: Pecans, Cottonseed Oil, and (Butter and Flour Salt if applicable, % per customer spec.)