Freeze Dried Super Sweet Corn - $6.99/lb - 26.5lb case - Free Delivery

Freeze Dried Super Sweet Corn - $6.99/lb - 26.5lb case - Free Delivery

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Legal Name 

Sweet Corn Latin Name: Zea mays rugosa 

General Description 

Raw material used: Fresh sweet corn is processed during the season and stored in frozen conditions. Availability of Raw material: January to March; August to September 

Technique used: Freeze Drying Technique. 

Process steps from Raw material to Finished Product. This includes peeling of cobs, cutting to remove kernels, blanching, freezing, and freeze-drying under conditions hygienically controlled and monitored. 

Country of Origin and Manufacturing 


Physical Characteristics 

Size: Whole 

Sieve Analysis 

(For Whole) >95% on 4mm 

Color: Yellow, typical of Sweet Corn 

Texture: Characteristically firm, tender after rehydration. 

Moisture: Max 5% 

Bulk Density: 160 to 220 g/l 

Intended Use: As an ingredient of end product which can be used in ready to eat food products.  Chemical Characteristics 

Ash: Max .5gm 

HCL Insoluble Ash: Max 0.1gm