Freeze Dried Coconut Crush/Powder- $18.46/lb - 22/lb case - Free Delivery

Freeze Dried Coconut Crush/Powder- $18.46/lb - 22/lb case - Free Delivery

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Legal Name 

Freeze Dried Coconut Latin Name: Cocos nucifera 

General Description 

Raw material used: Fresh coconut is processed during the season and stored in frozen condition. Availability of Raw material: January to December 

Technique used: Freeze Drying Technique. 

Process steps from Raw material to Finished Product: Process involves washing, cutting, freezing and freeze drying under conditions hygienically controlled and monitored.

This product is a non-hazardous food product. The product is suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and is Halal. 

It is neither genetically modified nor does it contain any material originating from or produced with genetically  modified organisms. 

This product is free from Allergens viz., peanuts, nuts, eggs, milk, crustaceans, fish, sesame seeds, cereals containing gluten, soya, celery, mustard.

Physical Characteristics 

Size: Crushed 

Color: White, typical of Coconut. 

Texture: Characteristically tender after rehydration. 

Moisture: Max 5% 

Bulk Density: -- 

Intended Use: As an ingredient of end product which can be used in ready to eat food products. Chemical Characteristics 

Ash: Max .5gm 

HCL Insoluble Ash: Max 0.1gm

Microbiological Specifications 

Total Plate Count 

100,00 cfu/g max


1,000 cfu/g max


1,000 cfu/g max


100 cfu/g max

E Coli 

Absent cfu/g


100 cfu/g max

Staph Aureus 

Absent cfu/g

Bacillus Cereus 

100 cfu/g max


Absent 25g


Absent cfu/g


Absent cfu/g

Nutritional Information 

(All in gm/100g) Calculated 

Nutrition Facts 

Property Values gm/100gm - calculate 

Protein 5.127 

Fiber 20.50 

Fat 76.9 

Energy 815.9 (Kcal/100g) 

Carbohydrates 35.79 

Please reach out for any Spec Sheets, COAs, Kosher, 3rd Party Audit, or Organic documents that you might need.