Freeze Dried Blueberry - $22.72/lb - 35/lb case - Free Delivery

Freeze Dried Blueberry - $22.72/lb - 35/lb case - Free Delivery

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Freeze-dried fruits without any additives for use in confectionery, cereals and similar applications 

Legal name 

Blueberries (freeze dried) 



Other information 

This product does not contain allergens subject to labelling according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 and  amendments. 

For a possible risk of cross contaminations please see separate allergen data sheet. 

This product does not contain ingredients that contain GMO or consist of GMO or were produced from GMO.  Therefore it does not require GMO-labelling according to EC-Regulations No. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003. 

Organic - No 

Kosher certificate - Yes 

Halal certificate - Yes 

Irradiation The product has not been subjected to ionising radiation. 

As part of the HACCP concept measures are carried out to minimize foreign body risk according to the state of  the art. 

Despite careful processing, in fruit-based products a natural conditional occurrence of vegetable impurities  cannot be completely avoided. 

Appearance and consistency 

dark blue, predominantly whole fruits 

Odor and taste 



100/g of the product are made from 700/g blueberries