Freeze Dried Blueberry 1/4 Diced - $21.48/lb - 35/lb case - Free Delivery

Freeze Dried Blueberry 1/4 Diced - $21.48/lb - 35/lb case - Free Delivery

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Legal Name 

Freeze Dried Blueberry Dice 

General Description 

Freeze Dried blueberries meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Regulations and the Processed  Products Regulations.  

All fresh or frozen blueberries used for processing are clean, sound, edible, properly matured. They are  prepared, processed, and packed under sanitary conditions in accordance with Title 21 CFR Part 110 Good  Manufacturing Practices for Food. 

Physical Characteristics 

Ingredients: Freeze dried blueberries 100% 

Origin: Made in the US, ingredients sourced from Canada and Chile 


Flavor/Aroma: Typical of freeze-dried blueberries. Free of objectionable flavors or odors. Color: Dark blue to purple, typical of freeze-dried Blueberries.  

Size: 9.5mm Dice 

Texture: Crisp, typical of freeze-dried blueberries 

Typical Chemical Analysis 

Moisture: 7% Maximum  

Additives: None 

MRLs (Maximum Residue Limits) Standards 

Pesticide residue & Heavy metals residue meet with FDA/CFIA requirements. Performed annually, results are  available upon request.

Please reach out for any Spec Sheets, COAs, Kosher, 3rd Party Audit, or Organic documents that you might need.