Collection: Product of the Month - Organic Raw Cashew Kernels - $8.99/lb

Cashew kernels which has been cracked and graded into halves, quarters & pieces.

The cashew nut is a nourishing food with great nutritional qualities. It is rich in vitamins and essential minerals and essential oils. The Cashew nut kernel with its irresistible flavor is used as an ingredient in cakes, chocolates and ice cream.

  • Shelf life - 12 Months from the date of packing
  • Storage conditions - Cool, dry, avoid direct sunlight, clean place (< 10 Deg C) and R.H 60-70%
  • Packing unit - Laminated bag in carton box Primary packaging Food grade vacuum bag and nitrogen flushed
  • Secondary packaging - Cartons 395 x 295 x 245, 488 x 325 x 186 (mm)

Origin - USA

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